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Are You Yearning For Love, Empowerment, Friendship, Kindness, Abundance and Other Incredible Things?

How to Consciously Raise Your Vibration and Tap Into the Powerful Presence of Pure Living Source

Discover A Way You Can Access Your Personal Power To Increase Your Health, Wealth and Happiness


  • Spending years dedicated to mastering a healing practice
  • Reading hundreds of books on obscure spiritual matters
  • Losing touch with reality in pursuit of your life's true purpose

Have you ever had the feeling there is more to experience in life than your current circumstances allow?

  • Perhaps you are looking for better health?
  • Deeper more meaningful relationships?
  • An increase in prosperity and abundance?

While many of us are we often don't know how to attain the life we want.

Now what if I told you the universe is already giving you everything you are asking for?

Yes, it's true!

And while things may not seem like it at this present moment, the universe is always working for you and not against you.

But here is the problem...

You May Not Even Know What Is Blocking You From The Life You Truly Want

Many of us have been conditioned from childhood to ‘take the smaller portion’ in life for fear of being seen as greedy.

If you’ve ever come across the Law of Attraction or ‘The Secret’ then you’ve probably heard this before..

“To get everything you desire from life be absolutely clear on what you do want and also specific on what you do not want.”

It's Not So Easy

Yet it’s also the way you tell yourself what you ‘do and do not’ want which will dramatically impact your ability to live the life you desire and deserve.

Far too often you may worry about things which impacts your ability to live life on your own terms.

And all this worry has a profound effect on how life reacts to you...

‘Worrying is praying for what you do not want’.

Ram Das ~ Author and Spiritual Teacher


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Dear Seeker of Truth and Enlightenment

My name is Shakti Cabral and I’m a globally recognised Transformational Healer with over 20 years experience in various energy healing modalities such as Hatha Yoga, Reiki, Chi Gong, NLP, Tantra and Meridian work.

Recently I was featured in a BBC TV series called, The Retreat, which focused on personal transformation through various lifestyle changes.

However I’m not here talk about my accomplishments and success (or how I live a life I could have only dreamed about before I started on this path)

I’m here to show you how, with a few simple adjustments to your own thought processes you can experience everything you want and more.

You see it starts with a belief of being able to access the inner power of your core essence.

Once you tap into this inner power you will truly connect with yourself, allowing you to live your life as you were truly destined to.

For me to show you where this power lies, you will need to your understand your own history on a truly deeper level.

To allow you to see this clearly, and so we may relate a little more, I will share with you a little of my own journey….

Warning - This Stuff Is Personal

At around six years old I was diagnosed with epilepsy. The doctors put me on the strongest medication they could find, Eplilim 500. Throughout my entire childhood until the age of 16 I was sedated, in a pharmaceutically induced zombified state.

Epilim 500 is an anti seizure meditation. It has since been linked with a number health conditions, especially in children and menstruating women. Given I was both a child and developing into a young woman the drug had a detrimental effect on my health and development in those years.

Imagine being like this…

  • You are extremely self confident about your body. Eventually you develop appearance issues believing people see you as fat, even when you are in perfectly good shape. (This is something which still haunts me to this day)
  • You know you are a high achiever with amazing talents and gifts, yet in an instant you are suddenly feeling like your brain is numbed, almost to the point where you can’t even think.
  • You are told you are acting manic and neurotic (and eventually become diagnosed as bipolar, even though you really are not). All this is caused by medication - yet you are told this is normal and how you are happen to be’
  • You become disillusioned with life and even look for ways to end it to escape from the empty loneliness which seems to engulf your entire being.

To say my childhood was a difficult is something of an understatement. Yet throughout these years there was always something inside - like a candle guiding me through the darkness -  showing me there is a better way.

"go really really deep into your own being"

I can only recommend this amazing woman. Shakti holds a profound 'non-ego' space that creates so much safely that you can go really really deep into your own being

Riihannon Wilde ~ Belgium

Riihannon Wilde cropped
Melody Hidalgo

"I feel like I am now in much better alignment"

I highly recommend doing a Living Library session with Shakti. The session that I did with her helped me to see and clear up some old belief patterns that had been holding me back for a long time.  I feel like I am now in much better alignment and have a much clearer picture of the direction that my life needs to flow

 Melody Hidalgo ~ US

"She is a truly powerful and sensitive transformational guide!"

My first session with Shakti was a revelation. I had gone in not knowing quite what to expect, but the session went way beyond anything I could have imagined. Her work goes deep, and has made a tremendous change to my life. Shakti has helped me break up old emotional patterns, re-create balance, and clear stagnant energy from my body. With a lot of sensitivity and intuition, she has guided me through past experiences in order to resolve them. Every session is different, and I never know what will happen in the next one, but I fully trust Shakti to guide me through the layers that make up my 'self' and untangle some of its knots. She is a truly powerful and sensitive transformational guide!

Virginie Knowel ~ Belgium

Virginie Knowel


Introducing The Transformational Healing System

To guide you on your journey of personal transformation, Shakti has written a revealing and thought provoking book which is accompanied by a series of 7 powerful guided audio meditations.

You may consider this whole system your own personal Transformational Toolbox

Inside this toolbox you will discover a number of methods to first strengthen, clear and then harmonize your experience and taking you deeper into your heart essence.

Meditation 1 - Grounding & Protection

Discover what grounding really means and how you can quickly recognise the symptoms of being ungrounded in yourself and others (this will help you if you ever feel exhausted, suffer from any form of anxiety or insomnia, depression or even financial difficulties and issues of abundance).

You will also find ways to protect yourself from energies, emotions and feelings of others.

Protection from radiation, pollution and toxins can be enhanced through visualisation techniques included.

Being grounded determines how you connect to the physical world and everything around you.

Grounding governs your connection to the environment and others. Your stability and strength. Your sense of awareness which is unique to this planet.

When you are grounded you will experience a much more solid connection to the world, clearer thinking and become much more aware of your surroundings.

You may find this grounding meditation nourishes the nervous system and energises the nerves of your body.

Orb Of Light 600

Meditation 2 - Orb Of Light

The Orb Of Light is your cleansing meditation. When you cleanse your energy on a regular basis you will find it easier to work out the truth behind what you are actually feeling.

Things become clearer to you, of what belongs to you and what doesn’t. Which feelings, emotions and energies are generated by you and what is coming to you from other sources.

This is helpful because you now have a better standpoint of where to position yourself in order to make sense of the world around you and to take better care of yourself.

Know your own energy. Cleanse from the clutters of life. No longer feel drained in crowded situations.

  • Cleansing will help your energy
  • Promote Better Sleep
  • Offer relief from Exhaustion
  • Clear your busy mind
  • Reduce feelings of toxicity
  • Support immune system

Meditation 3 - Place Of Paradise

A Place in Paradise is your sacred safe haven. A place where you go to heal, to cleanse and enter deeper states. Your scared space to transform. You go there whenever you want to do inner work, and enter a loving calming inner space which you yourself have created.

Sometimes you may enter the shamanic realms and visit places which already exist. These places may be the ones of those close to you such as family and loved ones. You will discover how to recognise these places and ways you can help those close to you with the messages you receive.


Meditation 4 - Journey Through The Chakras

The prime energy centers of the body are what is known as chakras. Often these are areas within the body where energy can get stuck. The chakras each have an individual colour of the rainbow and also vibrate at different speeds. They also have varied physical, mental and emotional content.

The Chakras are located from the top of the head - the crown, the 3rd eye - slightly above and between the eyebrows, the throat, the centre of the chest in line with the heart (heart chakra), the bottom of the rib cage (solar plexus), just below the belly button (sacral) and at the base of the spine (base).

The three main centres which usually have the most clutter are the sacral centre also known as the emotional/power centre, the solar plexus (where belief and control is stored) and the heart centre (where emotions can be processed and released).

A lot of heaviness can also be stored in the crown (head) by unhealthy thinking. As you work through your stuff, stuck energy clears (like giving your home a good spring clean) and makes space for something fresh and new.

When you're grounded you also have much stronger access to higher frequencies. We all know that when lightning is grounded it causes no harm to others. While going too high too fast can be dangerous, if you are grounded first, then the range of high vibrations that you have access to is a lot more powerful and you are naturally protected because you are grounded.

Meditation 5 - Flower, Flame, Pearl

Love is something that we all yearn to feel and experience.

The aim of this visualization is to take you to your heart essence. It is a journey into your innermost being, which reminds you of what you are. It is a visualization that will bring you into deeper states of love and well-being when repeated daily.

Love is the epicenter of everything and is important if you are doing transformational work. Coming from a place of love is what 'cements' everything together.

Flower Flame Pearl 600

Meditation 6 - Your Spirit Guides

Your spirit guides are celestial beings who are specifically appointed to you. They have your best interests at heart and have been with you since birth. They know you incredibly well. Also, as you learn, they learn. As you grow, they grow.

They work out ways of helping you to better understand what they are trying to get across to you, and if you don’t ‘get it’, they’ll find other ways of getting it through to you.

Like a teacher can improve their skills by taking notice of how their students receive their teachings, so do your guides. You need not worship them or make offerings as this is an energy drain and disempowering. They are there to empower and essentially guide you.

Meditation 7 - Body Speak

What do you usually do when your body is sick or hurting? Do you take medicine to make the pain go away? Distract yourself from it? Try not to feel it or self medicate it away? Lets face it, most of us have done some or all of these at some time, but we’re missing the point!

This meditation can be used to look into and better understand what your body is telling you.

How else is the body going to communicate with us if we don’t listen to its subtler whispers?

Those subtler whispers are the ones which we often feel but pay no attention to. They’re those thoughts and feelings that tell you something’s not feeling right but you do it anyway. They can be what we call ‘intuitions’.

When you take time to listen to them, fully feel them and maybe even speak with them

  • Discover how to give your body an avenue of communication which it will love you for.
  • Find out how to recognise if the cause of your pain is elsewhere in your body and not the obvious place/area in your body/life which you may have originally assumed.
  • How to decode the messages your body is sending you when do feel pain and how to make appropriate changes in your life to eliminate this pain for good.
  • A simple exercise which will develop rapport with your body and show you how any pain you are currently experiencing can also be your teacher helping you solve other problems in your life (ones which were not apparent at first)

How Does The Transformational Healing System Compare To Other Healing Systems ?

While there are many personal healing and transformation systems out there, very few can deliver the kind results which have made Shakti a globally renowned healer. This kind of recognition can only come through the real world experience of first truly healing oneself and then opening yourself to healing others.

Through these experiences Shakti has developed her own unique methods which have been fine tuned over her 2 decades of being involved in the healing arts, personal transformation and spiritual development.

This kind of experience does not come cheap. To attend just one of these courses for the healing modalities Shakti has mastered over the years would cost you multiple thousands of dollars. When you look at the total investment her own spiritual development has been it could be estimated to be in excess of five figures.

However true Transformational Healing is never been about the monetary value of obtaining this level of expertise.

The real cost is the emotional trauma and mental anguish which comes when having to face your own demons alone. The agonising torture of being alone in this process can often be too much for many people.

Almost every healer out there who has gone through their own powerful, painful transformation. It is these experiences which allow them to offer the expert  experience, guidance and care when healing others.

Remember, only those who can fully heal themselves can truly do the work of healing others. Shakti is one of those people, and this in itself is a rare find.

Your Exclusive Discount

As part of a subscriber only deal we are going to make you an exclusive offer to get Shakti's entire Transformational Healing System at a huge discount.

When released the full retail value of this system will be in excess of $200.

Plus the bonuses will be available individually for at least $24.90 each.

This brings a total value of over $400.

If you were to book Shakti for a 1 on 1 skype session it would cost you $150 per hour and to book her in person would cost you at least double (of course you would need to book a few sessions to make it worthwhile so the costs for her personal service could easily be between $1000 and $2000)

The value you get from a small exchange today will come back to you multiple times with the energy transfer that takes place.

As mentioned this is a special subscriber only deal, so right now you can access Shakti's Transformational Healing System at a big discount.

It's not going to cost you anywhere near Shaktis personal fees (which could easily be $2000). It won’t even cost you her usual private Skype session fees which are $150.

Right now you get everything you see on this page for $97

All we ask in return is some feedback so we can keep improving on this powerful transformational system and deliver even more powerful methods of personal and spiritual transformation to you in the future

Try The Transformational Healing System for 60 Days Risk Free

Finally you can experience the effects of true transformation in your life. You will release yourself from past negative patterns and behaviours and open your life to the love, joy, abundance and boundless energy which are guaranteed to flow.

If after going through the entire Transformational Healing System and listening to the powerful Sonic Harmonics Brainwave meditations you still don't feel any positive effect in your life you can have your money back in full.

You have an entire 60 days to try The Transformational Healing System for yourself without any risk. Order today, then see and feel the results for yourself, guaranteed.

Try The Transformational Healing System for 60 Days Risk Free

Finally you can experience the effects of true transformation in your life. You will release yourself from past negative patterns and behaviours and open your life to the love, joy, abundance and boundless energy which are guaranteed to flow.

If after going through the entire Transformational Healing System and listening to the powerful Sonic Harmonics Brainwave meditations you still don't feel any positive effect in your life you can have your money back in full.

You have an entire 60 days to try The Transformational Healing System for yourself without any risk. Order today, then see and feel the results for yourself, guaranteed.

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