Discover A Mysterious World Where You Can Control Your Dreams At Will

Experience The Power Of Lucid Dreaming

There is a mysterious state of mind where you are neither awake nor asleep.

It is the realm where mystics and seers go to do their powerful work.

This is a place of mystery and intrigue which is outside of your everyday reality, a fascinating insight into the nature of consciousness.

You may wake up to a kind of nameless ethereal truth that can stick with you for most of the day.

Awaken While You Sleep

Lucid dreaming is like being awake while being asleep. You know you are in a dream and can control it to a degree.

Benefits of these dreams include problem solving, facing fears and gaining the ability to do whatever you imagine.

Gain inspiration and experience a strange sense of awe about the world which somehow wasn't there before.

How To Lucid Dream

Lucid dreaming takes practice to master. Do not become disillusioned if you don’t immediately enter the lucid state.

At first you may experience better ability to recall your dreams. With practice you will find you can begin to control your dreams and enter the state at will.

Make sure you have an intention for your session. Mentally prepare for your journey and visualise what you wish to gain from the experience.

It can also help to write out what you wish to experience in your dream state. This will help the subconscious more easily focus when you begin to enter the lucid state.

Create a dream journal to aid you in your quest. By taking notes after each session you will discover what may seem like random dream events at the time, eventually have relevance in your day to day life.

Also by keeping a journal you can track your progress over time and have a record of what you did and how you felt at the times you had the most success with your lucid dreaming.

Deep Theta Lucid Dreaming Audio Meditation

This audio meditation session uses embedded Sonic Harmonics Theta Brainwave frequencies which are tuned to put you in the hypnagogic state - a place of mystery and intrigue which is like being between awake and asleep.

How It Works

This 90 minute lucid dream session is designed to take you to the very edge of the theta/delta threshold where the hypnagogic state is known to take place.

It will then keep you at this brain frequency, ensuring you do not fall into deep sleep, but rather stay in this state between wakefulness and sleep.

Once your brainwaves syncronise to the powerful audio session you will find it easier to enter this mysterious state of mind at will and begin to control your dreams.

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