Healing Harmonics

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Fireside Meditation

This meditation was recorded among the coconut trees by the fire late at night. Just as the flames die down you can hear the soft crackle as the fire’s energy begins to tame. The bowls gently immerse you in a rich harmonic swirl as crickets serenade one another.

Ocean Meditation

The calming sound of the ocean can be like a natural sedative and is one of the most relaxing sounds you can enjoy. With the added tones of the healing bowls a deep relaxing meditative experience is had by simply putting on in the background and letting yourself drift into the sounds.

Mountain Meditation

Recorded on a mountain side high above the Island of Koh Phagnan, the deep hypnotic sounds of the jungle insects bring you into the perfect environment for focused meditation. Lose yourself in meditative bliss as the harmonic sounds of the bowls take over.

Rain Fall Meditation

One of the rare occasions it rained we were lucky enough to be about to begin a recording session. We quickly rearranged ourselves by the door and as the rain began to fall outside. Lifang began a calming bowl meditation in time with the rain fall.

Bonus Audios

Sound Temple Meditation

This is a special healing meditation. Recorded in an acoustic dome in a hidden hillside jungle location overlooking the ocean. A chorus of cicadas can be heard harmonizing with the bowls as the intensity of the healing session increases. This is a powerful recording to be used for deep meditative experiences.

7.83Hz Harmony Frequency

This brainwave meditation audio is based on the Schumann Resonance which is the natural frequency the planet earth vibrates at. The frequency of the Schumann Resonance is 7.83Hz and is at the point between the alpha and theta brainwave frequencies. This is a powerful meditation sweet spot for creating balance and harmony with yourself and the planet.

Sri Yantra 11:11 Alpha Brainwave

This alpha brainwave meditation audio is created using Sri Yantra based frequencies for powerful meditations. It is 11m11s in length, 11:11 being a mysterious and powerful number in itself. In combination with the alpha brainwave this Sri Yantra energised audio is sure to bring manifesting power to your meditations.